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Michelle Monaghan’s Titty Titty Bang Bangs

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Here’s Michelle Monaghan, taking her favorite pastime–stripping and showing her tits–to the big screen to make sure we leave the theater doing happy standing ovations. This here’s from one of her movies, called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, although the more fitting title for this would be Titty Titty Bang Bang. Er. Putting aside the lame jokes, this film was highly praised by critics, and was seen as one of the more under-appreciated movies of 2005. Well, you see, dear critics and producers of the film, if you’d have done this movie with Michelle Monaghan’s titty scene flanking the marketing campaign, you’d have seen a significant rise in popularity and viewership when the film was hitting the theaters. The masses are just perverts like that.

Anyway. Even if Michelle Monaghan’s titty scene is brief and a bit on the selfish side, we do get to see them perfectly, as she slips out of this thin slutty Mrs. Claus outfit and go under the covers. Who’s willing to bet that Michelle could actually be that comfortable to sleep commando-style in her own home? If she is, and I’m positive that she is, then I’d be the first to leap at her high security home, wherever that is, and creep right into her bed so I can coax her for some undercover fucking. She’d like that. I know. So if you want missed seeing Michelle’s tits blown up on a big-ass movie screen, here’s Michelle Monaghan’s titty scene from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Enjoy.