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Michelle Monaghan goes wild in outdoor anal fuck

Monday, July 4th, 2016

For American actress Michelle Monaghan, there’s really nothing impossible for any mission when you put your heart and soul into it. This also holds true with her relationship with men, which she finds less complicated even if it suddenly goes on a halt and she would be left heartbroken. But actually, the twist in these heart breaks isn’t on her side because it’s almost always the men who takes the crust out of the failed relationship if it’s with Monaghan. She’s too intelligent of a chick to get hurt, this is what a lot of these men would say about her and she laughs it off like a crazy bitch.

Sleazy chick Michelle Monaghan enjoying hardcore anal fuck in public

It is true though because even in this video we’ll see that it didn’t take a few minutes after a breakup when she literally got picked up again by some guy. It helps that this dude is attractive and has an equally gorgeous ride. They hit it off while chit chatting on the road and ended up “baptizing” the hot wheels for good luck. This horny total stranger is extra lucky since Monaghan is one adventurous chick too who ain’t just gonna deepthroat and gag and let you fuck her wet pussy. She prefers to be plowed in her tight ass too and she likes riding a stiff throbbing dick on it for a more pleasurable quickie. It takes a few to really make her cum but it’s so much worth it as she could make any man spray a load of jizz like they never did before too. Even if it means having sex for the first time in public or simply meeting for the first time and just have fun to take the bad vibes away. In this case, Monaghan trashing the memories of the EX boy toy, who became an instant EX the moment she met this new willing prey who will do anything to please her. Besides, you can’t find just any woman who would let you stick that thick cock inside her ass, right? But this hardcore cunt will try everything for the sake of a wild and satisfying sexy time. It is her only way to ease whatever hurt she’s feeling at the moment anyways and after the steamy anal sex in a parked car, she’s all fixed and ready to go for a new ride!

Michelle can take a cum bullet

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

We’ve all seen Michelle Monaghan on screen playing the action heroine, especially in Mission Impossible III, opposite Tom Cruise. We’ve also seen her play with guns as a national fugitive in Eagle Eye, co-starring Shia LeBeouf. Given that kind of acting repertoire, you’d be led to believe Michelle, hot enough as she is, has an affinity for action involving guns and sweatbreaking scenarios.

Well, true enough, here’s gorgeous Michelle Monaghan in another sweaty scenario, locking on to another kind of gun: cocks, and all of them pointed at her or inside her, and don’t let me nudge you for you to get the point. I’ll just let these pictures do the talking.

See, I told you Michelle Mongahan is a pro at taking the bullet, and I’m sure a bullet in the form of pearly lumps of cum inside her pussy in an even easier feat. She can even take it on all fours, provided that it’s done in the comforts of the bed, with cock zeroed in on her pussy from behind. Man, it’s always so hot to see a celeb who likes to take a fucking from behind; they’re just so helpless, you know? But of course, we’re not fooled: just look at Michelle Monaghan delightfully getting rammed by a dick on all fours and tell me they don’t like it.

This celebrity chick is such a pro at cock that she can take two of them at one time! Shit, just seeing these wild fuck pictures of Michelle Monaghan is making me want to pull a buddy and find us a hoe in the street who’s ready to do a twofer, gawd. It was a stroke of genius that god decided to put two holes in a woman’s crotch, eh? So, if you were worried before that Michelle can’t take a ramming in the ass, you’re worries are officially over: these pictures of Michelle Monaghan getting fucked in the ass and cunt ought to lift up your spirits. And your cock.